2021/21! What a Year for IC

What we got up to

  • Strategic Voice for Inclusion bringing partners together over the past 12 months – focus on ensuring no one in a community falls through the net for support
  • Supporting residents across Cornwall through DWP’s Covid Winter Grant   – appraising applications for white goods, carpets, phone bills, fire guards, heated throws, energy bills
  • Supporting Shielding customers across Cornwall with Public Health during Covid through MCHLG – keeping the vulnerable safe and secure during Covid
  • Provided support with heating and energy efficiency throughout the year to over 850 households (FYI, made up 500 LA Flex, 200 WHDii, 50 Park Homes and 100ish WHF)
  • Mail out three times a week to over 700 organisations with information to support their customers
  • Supported over 2000 households across Cornwall over the last year with either direct support or information
  • Helped 30 patients, discharge safely from health, through Homeless Discharge service
  • Member of Inclusion Matters with Age Uk, CRCC and disAbility Cornwall reducing isolation in Cornwall amongst the vulnerable
  • Village Works our ESF project continues to support over 150 customers who are vulnerable
  • Recruited key members of the team Beth, Sapphire, Sarah, Heidi, Adele and Naomi