Meet The Team

Andrea Gilbert

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I currently lead Inclusion Cornwall which also incorporates the Inclusion Cornwall Hub (formerly the Cornwall Works Hub).  We take on all inclusion issues that come our way and are not afraid to challenge or congratulate.

Before moving back to Cornwall I spent ten years working in the Bristol area. During this time I secured regeneration money for Weston-super-mare, a first for the area which had previously been left behind, and also worked to abolish the County of Avon, paving the way for the new Unitary Authority of North Somerset.  I am a qualified Town and Country Planner and moved back to Cornwall to run my own planning business focusing on regeneration and new settlements.

In 2001, I became the first Social Inclusion Officer in England to be co-funded by a district council (Penwith) and the Employment Service.  This allowed me to bring forward such outstanding work as Trelya (Penzance), Sure Starts, Healthy Boxes and many more.  I was able to link health with work for the first time and started to think about heating and homes for health. In 2003 I took the role of Inclusion Officer Countywide and developed the cross-sector partnership of Inclusion Cornwall.

I am driven by fairness for all.

Bev Wilson


Working as the Inclusion Officer I support our large network answering queries for partners and individuals,  working alongside the Inclusion and Inclusion Cornwall Hub Managers.  I lead the Winter Wellness Projects each year working with Public Health with the aim of removing fuel poverty in Cornwall.  I also lead the Hospital Homeless Discharge for Inclusion Cornwall working with the hospitals across Cornwall. You will also find me in the Inclusion Cornwall Hub carrying out Conversations, and supporting the Village Works Project.  I see my role as linking people and projects together.

I also manage all of Inclusion Cornwall’s finances and keep the Inclusion Cornwall Hub ready for any activity or project.

Sarah Walkey

Bethany Whitford

As a Hub Worker, I work with over 700 local organisations and projects to link them together with the customers on the Village Work (ESF funded) and Inclusion Cornwall. You will also find me at the Inclusion Cornwall Hub answering general enquiries and giving advice about the support available in times of crisis. Having come from Cornwall Council’s Together for Families directorate, supporting young families, and prior to that working within Jobcentre Plus for over 16 years giving benefit and employment advice, I see myself as having a good general knowledge of the support services available. Having lived here all my life, I enjoy my work within Village Works as it contributes towards supporting the people of Cornwall.

Sapphire McDermott

As the Administrative Support Worker I help to ensure the smooth running of our various operations, assisting both the public and other team members wherever needed. I am the first point of contact for external referrals to our Village Works project, and am on hand to provide advice and information about the brilliant work we do.
My previous experience in both private and public sector property law has provided me with a keen eye for detail, and an enthusiasm for researching to ensure an answer can be found for any problem. In my spare time I love walking in our beautiful countryside and along the beaches with my family, or can be found baking away at home.

Nat Goldsworthy

Adele Nankervis