Our shared vision is of a Cornwall, where everyone has the opportunity, knowledge and support to be the best they can be, to reach their own goals and be economically independent. Where everyone feels part of and contributes to their community, takes responsibility for their actions and understands the impact they have on others and on the environment.

Inclusion Cornwall is here to:

  • Work with others to provide greater challenge on issues of equality and social justice
  • Escalate inclusion issues where there is no other route or other routes have failed
  • Give people and organisations a voice and platform for their inclusion issues to be heard
  • Be pro-active in identifying and tackling inclusion issues – a voice for inclusion in Cornwall
  • Be a critical friend for advice on inclusion in service delivery and the impacts of changes to delivery on inclusion and social justice
  • Bring together and promote partners’ good practice and celebrate their success in delivering inclusion and social justice

Chair of Inclusion Cornwall – Mike Thomas

We asked

What kind of place would Cornwall be if we all accepted, tolerated and valued people who are different to “us”. What would it take for everyone who wanted it, to be safe, to have shelter, to be economically independent and for children to thrive and achieve their potential?

We considered: What can we do together to begin to make this happen?

We must:

  • Develop a joint understanding of need, based on evidence and research
  • Help people and communities to influence the services that impact upon their lives
  • Work across sectors and organisations to raise understanding of the issues that cut across service delivery
  • Highlight the efficiencies, better outcomes and positive impact of multi-agency approaches
  • Break down cultural and institutional barriers that reinforce inequality
  • Work together to ensure everyone has the basics they need – food, a place to live, access to a bank account, access to education, work and training opportunities to increase knowledge and skills

A customer recently said to us,

“Thank you so much for your help. You are the only service I haven’t had to fight to get help from. You may it so easy and things wouldn’t be happening without your involvement”

How Inclusion Cornwall delivers the


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