Economic Inclusion

Cornwall has a wealth of mainstream resources and provision targeted towards people who need more help to unlock their full potential. We have learned a lot about delivery models and have much evidence to build on.




Ease of access, innovative engagement and flexibility in delivery have been the key ingredients of success in supporting people who need most help to achieve their full potential.

Current Projects

  1. Helston & Lizard Works – link
  2. Scilly Works – link
  3. Cornwall Migrant Workers Group – link
  4. Winter Wellness – link
  5. Hospital Discharge – link

Past Projects

  1. Cornwall Works 50 Plus – link

Training Offer

We regularly carry out multi-agency training sessions if you are interested we promote these events regularly.

Inclusion Cornwall (Cornwall Works)

Cornwall Works was established to co-ordinate the wide range of activity taking place in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to reduce worklessness and raise employment rates. It has brought together local projects, programmes and public services to establish a new way of partnership working. This includes trialling new services and new ways of delivering them, encouraging changes in organisational behaviour where this is a barrier to helping people. The aim of the strategy is to help more people to start work, stay in work and progress in work; helping them achieve their full employment potential.

The strategy is focused on achieving positive outcomes – for individuals, for communities, and for the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Here is the Cornwall Works Strategy in a diagram:


Encouraging changes in organisational behaviour where this is a barrier to helping people is a key part of the Cornwall Works approach:


You can see the Cabinet Office case study on Cornwall Works below:

The key players in Cornwall Works are the public, private and voluntary and community sectors of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly – with the strategic lead being provided by Jobcentre Plus, who champion its use in both guiding mainstream and European welfare to work investment.

Inclusion Hub (formerly known as Cornwall Works Hub)

Inclusion Hub (formerly Cornwall Works Hub) was established eight years ago to act as the ‘doing’ part of the Cornwall Works Strategy; linking and coordinating welfare to work provision in Cornwall. Existing to aid individuals and the organisations that support them to access the right help at the right time to ‘find work, stay in work and progress in work’. The barriers that hold people back are many and varied which is why sitting within Inclusion Cornwall makes sense; allowing us to utilise wider networks and partnerships. The Cornwall Works Hub team offers advice and on how and where to access support services, we feed key successes and issues up through Inclusion Cornwall to strategic groups, we capacity build through multi agency training and we adapt our priorities to address gaps as the need arises. Funding streams come and go but Cornwall Works Hub offers a consistent place to access up to date information. It is this consistency combined with our wide range of partnerships and flexibility of approach that ensures we continue to be relevant and successful.

Inclusion Conversations (Formerly Cornwall Works Hub Conversations)

The Cornwall Works Hub conversation is a concept that was first developed and trialled through Inclusion Cornwall in their Winter Wellness and Real Choices work. People in crisis would apply for emergency funding and while this often alleviated the presenting crisis it did not always aid longer term progression. A new style has been adopted which advocates deploying resources in a way that maximises long term outcomes. In the first instance this is just a case of sense checking what and why the person /family is presenting in crisis. Sometimes a small amount of funding is all a person needs to overcome a short term crisis and progress themselves. Other times a system of support needs to be put in place and out of these instances the Cornwall Works Conversation was borne; a conversation linked to a crisis application that seeks to address the wider needs of the individual of family with the aim of moving them to self-sustaining financial stability. The model was very successful and we have extended this to work in partnership with Cornwall Councils Discretionary Awards team, ensuring every applicant has just such a conversation.

Related Documents

Inclusion Cornwall – Cornwall Works Hub has developed a series of information sheets working with partners – please let us know if we have missed something, we continually strive to keep these updated and welcome your input.

Resource sheets


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