Environmental Inclusion

The environment provides both opportunities and challenges for inclusion. There is strong evidence to support the positive impact of the natural environment in engaging people of all ages who are marginalised, isolated, have poor mental and/or physical health and low self- esteem. But are we making the most of all our environmental assets to actively promote inclusion, and how do we know?



The ability for everyone to play their part in positive action for environmental sustainability is also an inclusion issue. This might be through: access, the ability to re-use and recycle, access energy-saving and home improvement initiatives, reduce food miles and protect natural habitats.

In March 2021 the Inclusion Cornwall Steering Group asked the question:- Carbon Neutral for the Excluded?  Please find the key discussion points below:-  Coming soon

Cornwall Council’s Carbon Neutral Team are working to ensure all are included in the Green agenda.  Find out more here Carbon Neutral Cornwall

Presentation to the Inclusion Cornwall Meeting 19 March 2021

Social Inclusion Steering Group CNC update (March 21)

The climate emergency funds can be found here:


The Climate Action Fund can be found here:


For details of Cornwall Local Nature Partnership

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The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership (LNP) is a Partnership of those who are working to maintain the special and unique environment of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The LNP considers the environment in its broadest sense and draws expertise from a wide range of sectors, including the environment, health and wellbeing, education, and the economy.  The Partnership has already forged strong links with the economic sector, via the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnerships (CISLEP) and the two Health and Wellbeing Boards in the area.

Local Nature Partnership-  New Appointment as Chief Executive

Not a strange moon but Goonhilly Earth Station where nature meets technology

CIoSLNP has the following guiding principle: The culture, communities and environment of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly remain special and unique.

The CIoSLNP Priorities are:

  1. To facilitate agreement on the optimum use of environmental assets to realise their local, national and global potential
  2. To build environmental skills, knowledge and understanding to increase the value of the environment in local communities and the economy
  3. To connect people, processes and communications to improve decision making, efficacy and behaviours with respect to the environment
  4. To grow the natural environment responsibly as a key economic asset, boosting biodiversity and increasing ecosystem goods and services