Inclusion Cornwall

When services don’t work together people suffer. Inclusion Cornwall is here to tackle any problem.

What does Inclusion Cornwall Do?

Inclusion Cornwall has been established to provide a dedicated voice for inclusion in Cornwall, and the team is committed to working both on a strategic level and within the community to challenge and reduce the impact of social exclusion.

Inclusion Cornwall will challenge barriers and poor practices, increase understanding, participation and improve the quality of life within Cornwall. Inclusion Cornwall helps people by joining up organisations and what they deliver to enable individuals to benefit from more comprehensive support in moving forward with their lives.

It is also responsible for the Inclusion Cornwall Hub (formerly The Cornwall Works Hub), which is a central point of information for the through linking people to advice and guidance, and to help people get back to work, stay in work and progress in work.

We celebrated our 10th birthday in 2014!

Picture1The birthday event at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay included a keynote speech by Mark Fisher CBE, Director for Social Justice at the Department of Work and Pensions; music from CYMAZ (Cornwall Youth Music Action Zone); a short play by Cornish Bard Pauline Sheppard (Link Here, video will be available by the middle of June)  illustrating social inclusion in rural Cornwall and presentations from organisations who work with us including Active Plus, who with a staff of injured military veterans, provide confidence and motivation support for a range of customer groups including young people at risk from exclusion from school, jobseekers, and older people.

Mr Fisher said, “Social Justice is a cross-Government agenda that is helping people turn their lives around, in particular through the opportunities and independence that work brings for the individual and their families. It is great to see initiatives such as Inclusion Cornwall making this real at the local level. I have been impressed with the collaborative activity achieving multiple results. Active Plus is a great example – providing much needed motivation and confidence-building for a range of customer groups, powered by tutors who are all injured military veterans and are on their own journeys back to the world of work.”

Take a look at the video we commissioned to see what we have achieved over the last 10 years:

 Picture 029
Mark Fisher with the Inclusion Manager  Andrea Gilbert in May 2014

When Inclusion Cornwall launched in 2004 a play depicting inclusion issues was written by Pauline Sheppard (Cornish Playwright) and another ten years later.

Badgers Cross Otter – link

Badger’s Cross – link

Inclusion Strategy for Cornwall

The Strategy sets out the key priorities to make Cornwall a place where all have equal opportunities in whatever they seek. Cornwall has a unique community spirit and culture that in turn encourages self development and fulfilment. We will build upon the spirit and culture making Cornwall where all can develop, grow and access opportunities especially those as the economy strengthens.

Health and Inclusion  click here

Inclusion Cornwall Annual General Meeting

Each year in May or June Inclusion Cornwall holds its Annual General Meeting so that members can see what has been going on throughout the year but also bring up any inclusion issues that addressing.

The Steering Group for Inclusion Cornwall who are voted in at the AGM then meet at least 4 times throughout the year.  A constitution (enter link) is revised each year and any new members of the Steering Group are provided with an induction and commit to promoting Inclusion Cornwall and being true to the vision of the partnership.


“Inclusion Cornwall is as bit like how we say in the business.. Season to taste tailored to each individual groups need”
Sanjay Kumar,
School of Cornish Sardines

“IC has worked to ensure systems don’t inadvertently exclude people”
John Ede,
Former Chair of Inclusion Cornwall (until June 2016)

“The most important achievement has been bringing senior players together”
Tarn Lamb,

“Putting the whole inclusion agenda forward…recognising significant inclusion issues”
Andy Brelsford,
Volunteer Cornwall

“On the ground the different agencies work together…not just focusing on one particular thing” – Mark Richardson,
Voluntary Sector Forum

“The inclusion and social justice agenda has never had a higher profile and is best summed up in the words of Steven McQueen in accepting his Oscar earlier this year ‘everyone deserves not just to survive but to live’. And Inclusion Cornwall has been quietly delivering for 10 years – helping marginalised groups take part in and contribute to everyday life. This has included supporting migrant workers, championing healthy lifestyles, and always working with partners to achieve more – in particular Jobcentre Plus in inspiring people to the economic independence that work brings. Congratulations Inclusion Cornwall!”
Paul Masters,
Cornwall Council

Find out more about some of our partners

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Dates of Inclusion Cornwall Meetings, link here  everyone is welcome to attend

Photographs have been funded by the European Social Fund and are courtesy of Simon Burt Photography