Black Lives Matter started in 2013 when 3 woman of colour took a stand following the death of a young African American man called Travyon Martin. Advocating for an end to racial inequality on a mass scale they started the #BLM, which brought their message to a world stage. You can find out more here.

Today BLM is a massive global movement and it became even more visible following the recent death of George Floyd. People around the world took to the streets to protest the events that led to his death. Cornwall was no exception with 3 protests in Truro alone.

Counsellor Mike Thomas (chair of Inclusion Cornwall) said “Inclusion Cornwall has been at the forefront of tackling exclusion for 16 years and is committed to challenging racism and discrimination wherever it exists. We fully support the BLM movement and will continue to work together to make sure that Cornwall is a fair and inclusive place for EVERYONE, where no one gets left behind