Keeping Inclusion a priority at post EU Referendum discussions in Cornwall

Brexit 2 - Kate Bishop Tim and Cllr John PollardAndrea Gilbert, Inclusion Cornwall Manager, attended an important summit meeting today which brought together businesses, the VCSE and public sector to discuss the bigger picture for Cornwall’s future post the EU Referendum.

The summit reviewed the economic and development risks associated with Brexit, ensuring they were understood and considering how they should be mitigated. It also reflected on how we can bridge the social divides brought into sharp focus by the referendum by focusing on narrowing the four fundamental gaps which are holding Cornwall back – our economy, our funding, our health, our inequality.

Andrea commented “I was very pleased to be a part of this important discussion on Cornwall’s future and to ensure that inclusion priorities remain at the top of the agenda. It was an opportunity to bring together the various sectors and both sides of the ‘Brexit’ debate to work together to forge a successful outcome for Cornwall in the coming years.”

Accompanying Andrea was the new Chair of Inclusion Cornwall, David Sillifant from the Diversity Network for Cornwall. He commented that there were potential risks around communication and that we should ensure our migrant workers in Cornwall continue to feel valued and support the economy.