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2021/21! What a Year for IC

What we got up to

  • Strategic Voice for Inclusion bringing partners together over the past 12 months – focus on ensuring no one in a community falls through the net for support
  • Supporting residents across Cornwall through DWP’s Covid Winter Grant   – appraising applications for white goods, carpets, phone bills, fire guards, heated throws, energy bills
  • Supporting Shielding customers across Cornwall with Public Health during Covid through MCHLG – keeping the vulnerable safe and secure during Covid
  • Provided support with heating and energy efficiency throughout the year to over 850 households (FYI, made up 500 LA Flex, 200 WHDii, 50 Park Homes and 100ish WHF)
  • Mail out three times a week to over 700 organisations with information to support their customers
  • Supported over 2000 households across Cornwall over the last year with either direct support or information
  • Helped 30 patients, discharge safely from health, through Homeless Discharge service
  • Member of Inclusion Matters with Age Uk, CRCC and disAbility Cornwall reducing isolation in Cornwall amongst the vulnerable
  • Village Works our ESF project continues to support over 150 customers who are vulnerable
  • Recruited key members of the team Beth, Sapphire, Sarah, Heidi, Adele and Naomi

Information about Coronavirus (Covid-19)


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Cornwall Council
Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

Campaign support for people facing hardship https://bit.ly/3nstple

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Cornwall Link – Cornwall Link – Connecting you to your community (cornwall-link.co.uk)

And for those seek work or at Risk of Redundancy we have the Jobcentre’s Latest Support guides:-

  Resource sheets – Inclusion Cornwall

Winter Tips

Unable to get out? Please see this link from Cornwall Council – How can I get food if I cannot leave home? – Cornwall Council

In these colder, darker months, many of us continue to feel challenged and stressed. British Heart Foundation have recently written an article giving 6 suggestions as to how you can reduce your stress through connecting with nature this Winter!

Scottish charity, Paths for All, are asking everyone to pledge to walk a little every day this winter. A daily walk can help us to beat the winter blues, socialise safely and boost our immune systems. Take a look at their ‘Walk once a day this winter info hub’, crammed with tips and advice to nudge you to leave your sofa and stay active this winter. Check out iWalk Cornwall for hundreds of local routes you can explore!

Christmas can be a joyful time of the year, however, for some people, it can also be one of the hardest times of the year. Look after your mental wellbeing during the festive season with MIND’s tips for looking after your mental health this Christmas.

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