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Inclusion Cornwall will not be taking calls between 20th December and 1st January

Back to business as usual on 2nd January 2019

Cornwall Diversity Food Festival – November 2018

Cornwall’s Warm and Well Partnership has been shortlisted for the Local Government Chronicle Awards

LGC editor Nick Golding said: “The councils that have been shortlisted for an LGC Award are among the most innovative – and their innovation is providing the best services for residents, despite local government facing enormous budget cuts.

“The officers and councillors of shortlisted councils deserve enormous credit for thinking of new ways to deliver the best services, ensuring vital services thrive in the era of austerity.”


Cold damp homes blight lives and take lives – picture perfect Cornwall has  too many of them and far too many people affected – the young, the old, teenagers struggling to concentrate on homework, parents struggling to get to their jobs work ready. Cold, damp, unfulfilled lives.

Winter Wellbeing is a remarkable partnership of 30 organizations resolving heating issues  to find a route out of poverty for good.

“Are you are in poor health or at risk of ill health, or with underlying health issues, or caring for a vulnerable person or worried about your home being cold or damp?” is the question we ask – and we’ve answered it for 17,000 already.

A Wild Ride – a customers view

“I really feel like I am finally getting in touch with the right, caring people. You don’t know how much this means to me. I’m so very grateful, almost tearful right now. For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel empowered again, despite my injuries and low state of mind and possibly able to look forward and plan for the future again.  I’m really starting to get busy again now and my weeks are filling up with appointments already. Already wondering where this wild ride will take me. ”


UK Youth Parliament to launch major consultation  

Young people will be able to take part in the UK Youth Parliament’s ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign, the UK’s largest survey of young people’s views. Young people aged 11-18 are invited to take part in the ballot to shortlist what is debated in the House of Commons by Members of Youth Parliament later this year.

The annual ballot will contain 10 policies voted for by Members of Youth Parliament. Last year, a total of 954,766 young people from every corner of the country took part.

Young people can take part in the Make Your Mark campaign until 12:00pm on Friday 10th October 2018.  Tel: Karen Coleman 07833141671

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