Universal Credit – Open Letter

Inclusion Cornwall and partners have come together over the last few weeks to discuss the roll out of Universal Credit (UC) in Cornwall.

We understand and welcome the objectives of UC bringing together 6 benefits:-

  1. Simplifying the system
  2. Better off in work
  3. Easier to move in and out of work
  4. Advantages of in work payments

However we have concerns around the process and the subsequent delays.  We have put together a number of proposals:-

  1. Develop the idea of a revolving fund (possibly from Crowdfunding) to ensure people are not disadvantaged by a system. Develop a way in which Cornwall can support those most at risk from the roll out of the UC system.
  2. Support partners to understand the link between UC and economic inclusive growth. Our customers want to work and need to part of Cornwall’s sustainable economic future.  No one should be left behind.
  3. Everyone should know about the issues facing our customers.

Please read the complete open letter Here

Email  hello@inclusioncornwall.co.uk  or call 01872 326440 us with your views

Outset for Business Start-up

Choose Outset for Business Start Up

Pluss Awarded Work and Health Programme in Southern England

The Pluss Organisation CIC has been awarded the Work and Health Programme contract for Southern England by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

This result will allow Pluss to support an even greater number of people with health conditions and disabilities into sustainable work.

Find out more on the Pluss Web-site

Ethnicity facts and figures

New Government Service

In the UK, 87% of people are White, and 13% belong to a Black, Asian, Mixed or Other ethnic group.

Use this service to find information about the different experiences of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. It gathers data collected by government in one place, making it available to the public, specialists and charities.

Link here to the web-site Here

Inclusion Supports the new service as it supports Cornwall’s Vision:-

“Our Vision is for Cornwall to be a place where equality, opportunity and fairness are available to all; where we value our unique cultural heritage, celebrate diversity in all its forms and create an environment where all individuals and communities, regardless of need, want or aspiration, have an equal chance of realising their full potential.”

Cornwall Wide Objectives, Cornwall 2017

“Bringing Cornwall Together”

The IC Steering Group invites you to speak up

We have decided to have a wider debate at our next steering group inviting all interested people and organisations

10am – 12 Friday  13th October 2017  –  Cornwall Council Offices, Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne (refreshments provided)

We will be discussing:-

  1. Inclusive Growth in Cornwall leaving no one behind?
  2. What is on offer in Cornwall – Inclusion Cornwall Hub Resources and Partners
  3. Level of crisis?
  4. Welfare Reform in Cornwall a cumulative impact?
  5. Universal Credit today and tomorrow
  6. Developing the Ladder of Progress

Our aim is to identify:-

  • the level of concern based upon evidence from partners and individuals?
  • what are the issues?
  • what is available currently to support if needed?
  • identify any gaps in provision?
  • work out how to work together to resolve any gaps?


The Steering Group invites you to have a say

Feel free to send the invitation to others.  We just ask if you wish to attend please let Bev know on bwilson@cornwall.gov.uk or call 01872 326552