Anthony’s success as he moves into employment as a support worker


Jennie Lacey, Inclusion Cornwall

Jennie Lacey, Careers Advisor at Inclusion Cornwall’s Cornwall Works Hub, talks about providing careers advice and guidance to Anthony from Helston and how she has worked with other organisations to support him into paid employment which also met his personal goals.

Our customer
Anthony was looking for longer term work in or near Helston with a desire to move away from abattoir work that he had done in the past before moving to Cornwall. He was looking for work opportunities in which his skills and work ethic would be valued and in which he would feel a sense of achievement as he had become quite despondent with previous work.
Our support
I met Anthony at the Active Plus work club in Helston where we discussed our Helston and the Lizard Works Project and the support it provides for local jobseekers. After being recommended support work as an option by Active Plus, Anthony was keen to pursue this and we worked together with Active Plus, identifying lots of transferable skills that Anthony could use, including his experience of supporting family members and colleagues in the past.
After our initial meeting, I met Anthony again to support him with an application form and personal statement for support work. Anthony admits that completing applications and paperwork is not his strength so together we highlighted examples of his experience and transferable skills.

anthony-hlw-v3Outcome for Anthony
This collaboration of support led Anthony to attend an open day with a support worker organisation at Helston job centre and with the support of the job centre, an interview and further discussions with the employer; Anthony was offered an opportunity providing support to an adult with learning disabilities.   After an induction period and training Anthony is now in full time paid work, and thoroughly enjoying it. He is getting a real buzz from supporting the individual, and is getting good support and feedback from his employer.