Ian is inspired to move forward with new opportunities

Our customer

Ian lived near Helston and after once working as a Naval Chef and then with Shearings, he was extremely keen to get back into work and was prepared to try any role. However after a series of knock backs, threats of eviction and being out of work, Ian become down and despondent with his situation which also led to him drinking too much and thus creating a vicious circle. Despite this Ian was happy to liaise with various agencies to improve his situation and just needed a chance.

Our support

We recognised that this wasn’t just about getting Ian into any job. He had already been placed into various roles which didn’t work out and Helston Jobcentre had also supported him with work placements. His issues with his housing combined with the drinking and despondency were having a negative impact on his job prospects. Through our Helston & Lizard Works project we supported Ian with some of his immediate issues including helping to secure his housing benefit from Cornwall Council which removed the stress of being evicted, updating his CV and getting him out and about socialising with volunteering which all created a more positive outlook.

When Ian was moved to the Lizard, there was a concern that a more remote location may have a negative impact, however we worked with local agencies to tackle the remaining underlying issues in particular supporting Ian to attend Addaction in Redruth to stop his drinking and with Helston Jobcentre Plus to find suitable work.

Outcome for Ian

ian1This combination of support and move to the Lizard, away from his old routine, made all the difference. Ian started work in a seasonal role with Cadgwith Crabs and has also gone on to do the 3 month Inspiring Futures programme with Coastline Housing. We always follow up with our customers and Ian is now looking forward and feeling positive and tells us “my eyes have been opened to more work opportunities not just what I’ve done in the past”.