Basic CMYKDuring Covid we have been supporting the residents of Cornwall.

2020/21  Highlights!

  • Strategic Voice for Inclusion bringing partners together over the past 12 months – focus on ensuring no one in a community falls through the net for support
  • Supporting residents across Cornwall through DWP’s Covid Winter Grant   – appraising applications for white goods, carpets, phone bills, fire guards, heated throws, energy bills
  • Supporting Shielding customers across Cornwall with Public Health during Covid through MCHLG – keeping the vulnerable safe and secure during Covid
  • Provided support with heating and energy efficiency throughout the year to over 850 households (FYI, made up 500 LA Flex, 200 WHDii, 50 Park Homes and 100ish WHF)
  • Mail out three times a week to over 700 organisations with information to support their customers
  • Supported over 2000 households across Cornwall over the last year with either direct support or information
  • Helped 30 patients, discharge safely from health, through Homeless Discharge service
  • Member of Inclusion Matters with Age Uk, CRCC and disAbility Cornwall reducing isolation in Cornwall amongst the vulnerable
  • Village Works our ESF project continues to support over 150 customers who are vulnerable
  • Recruited key members of the team Sapphire, Adele, Beth, Naomi, Heidi and Sarah

2019 and 2020

  • Here are participants of Village Works helping out in Helston with a Litter Pick.

Cornwall Diversity Food Festival held at County Hall, Truro

The Village Works Project funded through ESF commence – Find out more here

  • We published our IC Annual Report 2018 – its a good read please have alook
  • This month we presented Winter Wellbeing to the Local Government Chronicle Awards 2019 Panel – we find out if we have won the Public/Private Partnership Nationally on the 13th March 2019 – lucky for some.
  • Bev and Ellie attended the launch of Smartline – 300 Coastline Housing customers in the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth (CPIR) area of Cornwall  have had fitted environmental sensors into each of the homes. Sensors are collecting information on air quality, humidity, temperature, how much water is used, how air moves around different types of houses and how much energy it takes to heat them. In addition, participants will be asked to take part in surveys to help us understand their wellbeing needs, aspirations and desires for their community.

  • IC attended the Poverty Forum where discussion took place around Council Tax and how it is collected.  We learn’t that if a customer is fearful of the bailiffs or cannot pay they need to contact Cornwall Council who can be flexible contact them
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – 2018 – 2025 Inclusive by Instinct was launched this month by the Government

December 2018

  • IC Hub welcomed Grace Simkins to the team
  • IC will be attending the Sanctuary in Cornwall event to discuss the importance of Cornwall being a place of sanctuary for people
  • IC has been supporting the Cornwall Equality and Diversity Network this month – working with students from the University of Exeter to create the DivArt exhibition  – a collaboration between the students at Falmouth and wider community bringing people together.  (Copyright applies)

November 2018

  • Nominated for our work for the best Public Private Partnership by the Local Government Chronicle Awards, whoop
  • IC supported the Cornwall Food Festival in Truro

  • Warm and Well Partnership met planning for this Winter
  • Attended the Local Government Association discussion on Skills and Employment

October 2018

  • We secured Lottery funding to work with The Cornwall Women’s Centre – watch this space ladies
  • IC met with Volunteer Cornwall to share what is on offer for customers across Cornwall
  • Bev went up to RCHT for equality and diversity discussions
  • Ellie attended the Nos Da Steering Group – great working together

September 2018

  • Shortlisted for the National Energy Efficiency Awards – Bev went to Birmingham and enjoyed meeting many of our National partners.
  • Ellie attended and facilitated a workshop at the Towards Zero Suicide Conference – we are concerned about the number of people we speak with who feel they don’t have a future.  We know and show people what is out there for them.
  • Bev attended the Towards a Healthier West Cornwall – Population and Prevention event.  Prevention is always our aim.
  • Ellie attended training for Time Credits and supporting Asset Based Working 
  • The team provided support for customers facing exclusion and were able to support them to a more stable and sustainable future.
  • The email network continues to grow in numbers and is seen as a valuable up to date resource across Cornwall if you wish to join please email
  • And we had some great customer feedback –“I really feel like I am finally getting in touch with the right, caring people. You don’t know how much this means to me. I’m so very grateful, almost tearful right now. For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel empowered again, despite my injuries and low state of mind and possibly able to look forward and plan for the future again.  I’m really starting to get busy again now and my weeks are filling up with appointments already. Already wondering where this wild ride will take me. ”

August 2018

IC is part of the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG2) and is delighted to support fishing communities across Cornwall ensuring inclusion.


We all took some time off and enjoyed the sunny weather

 July 2018

  • The Inclusion Cornwall AGMlink   We held our very own Question Time

Left to Right:Neil Colquhoun (Citizens Advice Cornwall), Peter Jefferson – (Cornwall Rural Community Charity), Dave Meneer (Wolf Rock Marketing), Sue Roberts (Coastline Customer), Manda Brookman – (COAST One Planet Tourism), Stacey Sleeman (Cornwall Council )

  • National Suicide Prevention Programme – Supported the Suicide Prevention work across Cornwall hearing from the National Team  and provide further support for the specific suicide prevention projects, such as out self harm work and the work to increase participation in physical activity for men who are consider to vulnerable.

National Energy Action South West Poverty Forum – Bev presented on behalf of the Winter Wellbeing Partnership Presentation.  And later in the month attending a training session by NEA for Cornwall.

  1. Helping the worst first & ensuring consistent outcomes for the most vulnerable
  2. Enhancing preventative health action
  3. Clean, inclusive growth and innovation
  • Ellie kept up to date with the Nos Da Project at their Steering Group Meeting
  • Andrea and Ellie attended Cornwall Council’s Strategic Away Day listening to Kate Kennally, Jessie Hamshar  about how strategy is so important to Cornwall’s future.

June 2018

  • Bev headed out to the Isles of Scilly to support their warm homes and energy sustainability work and to hear what is already planned Scilly.
  • Ellie attended a think tank in Chester led by London School of Economics on building community resilience in the light of welfare reform
  • Increased our formal links Adult Social Care to support their customers in crisis
  • Ellie attended a meeting led by Art Swell to talk about how the art and culture sector in Cornwall can support the social prescribing agenda

May 2018

  • Ellie with a number of our partners learnt a lot about Raising Awareness of Modern Day Slavery within our Communities
  • Ellie met up with a new initiative Cornwall Hospice Cares Neighbourhood Hub
  • Bev represented Inclusion Cornwall as a member of Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG2)
  • We attended the first Cornwall Active Disability Forum  Cornwall Sports Partnership working with Disability Cornwall and the English Federation of Disability Sport ensuring more people with disabilities within Cornwall are involved in and can access sport and physical activity.   Physical Activity Strategy
  • Inclusion Cornwall bid farewell to their Cornwall Council link Matt Barton and welcomed the new one Steve Ford who we look forward to working with.
  • And of course Flora Day happened in May and many of our friends attended or danced

April 2018

  • Ellie and Andrea visited the  Women’s Centre Cornwall  working on a new project
  • Cornwall Active Disability Forum – Increase access especially in West Cornwall, The Clays and Bodmin  IC is committed to supporting this.
  • Warm and Well gathered steam as more new Central Heating was approved for homes across Cornwall.

March 2018

  • Great success this month for the Winter Wellbeing Partnership.  Inclusion Cornwall is a key partner administering Hub Conversations and the Crisis Fuel Payments.  Winning the South West Regional Energy Efficiency Awards.

Left to Right – Jonathan Cosson (Warm Wales) Gemma Finnegan (CRCC) Anthony Ball (Public Health Cornwall Council) and Chris Chapman (SSE)

  • World Social Work Day was celebrated in style this month when we met with 50 of Cornwall’s Social Workers, a real honour and great fun in a room full of ideas.

February 2018

  • The Winter Wellbeing Partnership met with Sarah Newton to share their work and how they might help the rest of the Country in reducing fuel poverty

January 2018

  • A busy start to 2018 with Winter Wellness Crisis Fund in full operation.  Bev has been working through all the crisis applications and also those who applied for Central Heating
  • Sadly Jennie Lacey our Skills and Employment Adviser had to return to CSW Group.  Thanks Jennie for all your hard work and for caring about our Customers.

 December 2017

  • Inclusion Cornwall has supported Equality and Diversity development in Cornwall.  The aim has been to merge several groups in the Cornwall Equality and Diversity Network.  This may not be the final logo but watch this space.
  •  Inclusion Cornwall attended the Jobs Fair in Helston
  • Work with Helston and the Lizard Works continues a great project which started in September has seen the grand finale.  Crafts of many kinds were on show and everyone who attended felt it was a great opportunity.  Some of those attending are going to carry on making crafts at Helston Museum.

  •  IC dropped in on Truro Jobcentre to support the Work Coaches and customers sharing information about opportunities
  • Menopause Self Care started a new course in Camborne, the first time a course has taken place in Camborne.  Women in midlife challenged with health issues and stress (age 35 through 65) & for women who work with or care for women challenged with health issues& stress & experiencing barriers to work & home life  find out more her


  • Andrea with Gail Copp (Employer Adviser from Jobcentre Plus) visited Goonhilly Earth Station to discuss opportunities for working together to support our most excluded into volunteering and working at Goonhilly

Goonhilly Earth Station

Goonhilly Earth Station

  • November saw the launch of Winter Wellness – call this number if you know anyone who might need advice and support with energy
  •   Working with CRCC Inclusion Cornwall visited the Isles of Scilly to support residents with their energy needs.


  • Jennie and Ellie presented our work at Cornwall Council Social Workers Conference.  The outcomes have been fantastic with the Hub supporting the Social Workers to support their customers.  From clearing gardens to support with benefit claims all helping people move towards and into work.
  • Our Steering Group and wider partners met to discuss the impact of Universal Credit, great response from partners who have agreed to the Open Letter.
  • Ellie received this comment from a customer, ”
    “Thank you so much for your help. You are the only service I haven’t had to fight to get help from. You made it so easy and things wouldn’t be happening without your involvement”


  • Andrea travelled to Warwick to present our work to the Public Health England Conference


  • Great to have positive feedback,“Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help earlier on the phone! Inclusion Cornwall is such a great service, would be lost without it!
    • Laura Mead (WildProject)
  • Andrea met with Jayne, Mel and Laura to discuss the new Craft Project coming to Helston in September.  Watch the news page for more information.

  • Jennie met with the mid Cornwall ‘3 conversations’ team within adult social care. The team provide conversations to customers in certain pilot areas of the county, with the aim of resolving customer issues without the need for a needs assessment referral.  They were very happy with the support Inclusion Cornwall could offer, and it was highlighted the importance of sharing information to benefit both the customer and professional organisations.  The team signed up to our mailing list to be kept informed of county wide information.  If you want to sign up contact Ellie
  • A member of the public who lives in supported accommodation for older people rang in and spoke to Ellie. He wanted to find out how to get communal broadband into the 40+ bed unit he lives in. He’d rung a lot of people and had been struggling to get a positive response from anyone. He wanted to offer residents a way to feel connected even if they can’t leave their home. Ellie agreed to help and contacted his housing provider, who have now agreed to install communal broadband. Ellie and Bev also spoke to Cornwall Council and they have welcomed the opportunity go in (once the install has taken place) and help the residents understand how to use the internet.
  • The Helston – Cornwall Takes Tea with the world was held with members of the community coming together
  • Andrea updated her Local Government Association training to be a Corporate Peer Reviewer.  Five questions are considered at any review:-
    • Understanding of the local place and priority setting
    • Leadership of Place
    • Organisational leadership and governance
    • Financial planning and viability
    • Capacity to deliver

Cornwall Council is soon to undergo a Peer Review


  • Helston and the Lizard Works supported Helston JCP at their Employment and Support Event at Helston Cattle Market.  Customers queued to get in, businesses like Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Rick Stein, Helston Railway alongside support partners Pentreath, PCDT, Lizard Pathways, Active Plus were there to provide support and information.  Spark offered advice on how to set up a new business.

  • Inclusion Cornwall is part of the Steering Group for the Nos Da Project (No First Night Out). Which was launched this week in Truro.  In addition £1.1 million was announced to deliver the  multi-agency rough sleeper reduction strategy will work to prevent rough sleeping in the first instance by helping those most at risk, help new rough sleepers quickly access housing, help and support to get off the streets as well as identify and provide support for entrenched rough sleepers to help them off the streets permanently.
  • Truro Jobcentre held an information sharing event. Ellie talked to customers as they arrived and made them feel welcome before introducing them to a range of support providers.
  • Ellie met with a large group of parent school advisors from Cornwall and talked about how we can all work together to support families in need.
  • At JCP’s recent Vulnerable Customer meeting Ellie was delighted to network with the new regional Vulnerable Customer lead and the newly appointed Community Partner lead for Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.


  • Inclusion Cornwall and Jobcentre Plus have always had a special relationship, being based with JCP for over ten years and sharing common goals.   Ellie and Andrea met with them this month to discuss the potential carry out multi-agency training with the Work Coaches.

Multi-agency training carried out in February 2017

  • Ellie attended the Churches Homeless Network .  This meeting is an opportunity for those involved in supporting Rough Sleepers to network together and also to meet with representatives from organisations such as St Petroc’s and Cosgarne Hall.
  • Bev has contacted all customers who received central heating in 318 homes (Cornwall and Isles of Scilly) to see how they are getting along with new heating. £2.3m Central Heating Fund programme was aimed at those with health conditions, living in rented or owned homes.  This short video explains what happened.
  • We have been busy linking Winter Wellness to devolution – we have developed and implemented the Local Authority flexible eligible programme for energy efficiency with Economic Growth. Intend to “declare” as eligible a minimum of 200 households a year to improve affordable warmth for those in fuel poverty but above income thresholds for free energy efficiency.
  • Ellie and Jennie continue to lead with customers referred from Cornwall Council’s discretionary funds.


  • Inclusion Cornwall attended a Local Government Association meeting to develop a modern, local public employment and skills service.  The discussion has provided a clear debate for Cornwall.
  • The Debt and Financial Inclusion Group heard from the Smart Tenants project and welcomed the Money Box courses but questioned if there was comparable support for Private Tenants
  • Helston and the Lizard Works had a Pasty Lunch to encourage customers to attend the Active Plus Who Dares Works Course.  We now have 7 of our customers really enjoying the sessions.  First Aid was a real hit.
  • The Chair of Inclusion Cornwall met with Kate Kennally to discuss IC priorities for the coming year – homeless, disabled, older isolated and child poverty were all discussed
  • Jennie and Ellie have been planning the Hub Conversations for the next 12 months.  Discussions have taken place with Cornwall Council’s Revenues Team to continue our work with customers applying to Cornwall Council for a Discretionary Fund.  Find out more here
  • Ellie attended the Supporting Zero Suicides in Cornwall conference


  • Ellie and Jennie completed the 3 Bringing Cornwall Together, multi-agency training sessions – full details here
  • Bev went to Westminster to share Helston and the Lizard Works – Scott Mann MP stated “I can see now why you were nominated for the star council award”.
  • The Cornwall Migrant Workers Group heard of their successful application to the Common Good Fund for their new exciting project _ “Cornwall Takes Tea with the World”  Watch the web-site for how to get involved.


  • Ellie and Andrea attended the Providers Networking event to share that the Inclusion Hub is always available to that wider information and support.  The Growth Programme highlighted current project Click Here
  • Jennie attended Cornwall’s Environmental Growth Challenge Event sharing our focus of ensuring everyone accesses nature and culture in Cornwall
  • Ellie met up with Mel Colton-Dyer from the Chamber of Commerce to discuss linking the Skills Hub with the Inclusion Hub and offering that wider support for customers of both Hubs
  • Inclusion Cornwall was delighted to speak at the Poverty Forum with Bishop Chris Goldsmith.  Frontline Worker Network stressed the need to know the opportunities for people in poverty and how to provide a more human approach for all.
  • A busy time as the plans for this years Multi-agency training took place.  This year the training has the theme of “Bringing Cornwall Together” so that everyone knows what is on offer for their customers.  Find out more Here


  • Winter Wellness continued to support those in fuel poverty and we completed our Central Heating work and produced a video to explain what had been happening.  It is really important to hear how heating affects peoples lives and their life chances  View the video   
  • Ellie has been happy to join the Steering Group of the new Nos Da project  to deliver a No First Night Out approach to prevent rough sleeping in the first place or a return to sleeping rough.
  • Ellie and Andrea were delighted to meet up with Reed Partnership to share customers and ensure they have many referrals.
  • Andrea led a workshop at the National Association of Local Town Council Clerks.  They wanted to hear about how Helston and the Lizard Works really works. See our video here

December/January 2016-17

  • The Inclusion Cornwall Debt and Financial Inclusion met and discussed the development of the crisis ladder and the needs of the homeless.
  • Andrea was the key note speaker at the conference organised by Cornwall Museums Partnership with funding from Arts Council England, to explore what diversity means for smaller and rural museums.
  • The Cornwall Migrant Workers Group met and discussed future funding for cohesion and controlling migration.  Andrea will lead the fund for Cornwall Council and the Partnership.
  • Andrea met with Derek Thomas MP’s researcher to discuss how to support information sharing across West Cornwall.
  • Andrea attended a cross sector workshop to take forward work from the Brexit Summit last July – the group came up with the idea for a  Universal basic income –
  • The team attended the Towards Zero Suicide Conference – raising awareness across Cornwall.  The team led a workshop on inclusion at the conference.
  • Andrea led the Inclusion Cornwall Steering Group – the crisis ladder was discussed and the team were given the go ahead to develop the model further.
  • Andrea finalised the Inclusion Contribution for the Cornwall Wide Equalities and Diversity Group.  The group will no longer meet.
  • Helston and the Lizard Workers Steering Group met and agreed to promote the NALC award across the area.  The group also planned for attending the National Clerks conference in February 2017.  Bev reported that the community projects were progressing well.  Links with Work Routes (Reed Partnership DWP Provision) was welcomed.
  • We sent out invites to the Multi Agency Training on March 1st in Camborne and March 10th in Bodmin and we are already half full. Supported by a range of speakers from different projects and organisations we  will talk about accessing crisis,  progression and  prevention support. Email: to book a place.
  • The Inclusion Cornwall Hub have been invited to attend the team meeting for all the Parent Support Advisor (PSA) in Cornwall. PSA’s are based in schools and are often the first point of contact for parents who are worried or struggling.
  • Ellie visited The Cove; The new Macmillan Centre based at Treliske hospital. The Cove offers support to those affected by cancer. They have a dedicated team of specialists who have been referring steadily since Ellie saw them.

November 2016

  • Andrea attended various strategic events including the Cornwall Housing Conference to discuss the future of housing in Cornwall, the Inclusion Cornwall Steering Group where Brexit, cohesion and housing were discussed and the Helston & Lizard Works Steering Group which included linking with new opportunities for customers.
  • Developed Crisis Scoring Ladder and used this to analyse 75 general enquiries – level of crisis and progression after our support. We will be taking this forward with 5 key partners early next year with a view to more clearly understanding who is presenting in crisis, where are they presenting, why are they presenting and what it takes to effectively help them.
  • Ellie attended the Westminster Employment Forum to talk with ministers and interested stakeholders about the governments green paper on  Work, Health and Disability.
  • Ellie and Jenny have met with Reed in Partnership who are the overall managers of the new DWP ESF back to work programme; Work Routes. Asa result of the meeting we are working with them to promote the support through our partnership network and we have also used them as a referral pathway for the customers we talk to.
  • We have started work within a partnership targeted at assisting people affected by the benefit cap. We have had 44 referrals and of these we have successfully engaged 26 people. We have only been working with them for a few weeks and already we have assisted 11% into work and 43% to engage with back to work support.
  • Ellie attended the Voluntary Sector Forum workshop on Tackling Multiple Disadvantage at which they evaluated how they used funding from Lankelly Chase to close the gap for people who have complex situations. You can find the full report here –
  • Ellie met with Gitin Chavda from the G4S partnership team to talk about effective partnership working in Cornwall under future funding streams.
  • Ellie and Jenny met with Frederick Foundation who offer business loans to business start ups with a view to further support, advice and referral the Hub can offer to its customers.

 October 2016

  • Helston and the Lizard Works,  co-ordinated by Inclusion Cornwall and led by Helston Town Council, has been recognised at a national level – this time as one of the top 3 projects in the country by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), at the prestigious Star Council Awards.
  • Policy in Practice report from Cornwall Council saw Inclusion Cornwall starting to supporting our 630 customer who may be affected by the benefit cap. The cap amount and the benefits that are affected by the cap will change on 7 November 2016.  Cornwall Council’s benefit cap information.
  • The Inclusion Cornwall team attended the Boscawen Farm Open Day with ROC and United Response to see in more detail the great support being provided to people with learning disabilities in Cornwall.
  • Andrea Gilbert, Inclusion Cornwall Manager has commenced working with the Devolution team at Cornwall Council looking at Employment and Skills at the local level and considering what we can ask of Government by way of local power.  Watch this space for a possible pilot area.
  • Inclusion Cornwall’s Cornwall Works Hub was delighted to start linking partners with Reed in Partnership. RiP is the prime provider for the DWP contract of 12.9 million supporting people back to work (directly delivering in the Coast to Coast area with  delivery partners in other areas Lizard Pathways (West Coast), Groundwork (South and East inc Liskeard), St Loyes (Atlantic and Moor).  They will work closely with lottery fund providers when known. The programme will engage 5,739 participants and outcomes relate to sustainable work; 38% in to work (with 32% sustained for 13 weeks and 28% to sustain for 26 weeks).  We will play an important role linking customers and partners with this new provision.  We are also in the early stages of planning multi-agency training for RiP.
  • Cornwall Works Hub, run by Inclusion Cornwall, has been working on joining all the Hubs in Cornwall together – a Hub of Hubs.  We met with colleagues from the Local Nature Partnership  to discuss the possible development of the Naturally Healthy Hub.  This meeting started the team thinking about how they refer customers to access the environment and how we use it to help well-being.
  • Andrea presented the outcomes and successes to the Localism Summit, in order to share the learnings and illustrate a successful community project in action. The audience consisted of town and parish councils and some VCS groups.
  • Ellie from our Cornwall Works Hub  spent the morning with Pat Walton at The Oasis centre in St Columb learning more about the services they offer to people who are vulnerable and isolated. This will enable us to continue to guide anyone who needs help in the St Columb area to their front door and, at a strategic level, we have agreed a future meeting, exploring how we can share their model of working in other Cornish communities.

September 2016

  • Our steering group meeting took place and was very well attended. The results from the summer’s consultation were considered and priorities identified. Read more about the meeting outcomes here.
  • This month saw various meetings including Migrant Workers Group and Helston and the Lizard Works. Bev also attended the Central Heating Fund Seminar in London in early October.
  • We were very excited to receive the news that the Helston & the Lizard Works project had been shortlisted to the top 3 for Local Council Outstanding Project of the Year as part of the Star Council Awards run by the National Association of Local Councils.
  • Ellie attended a meeting hosted by Cornwall Residential Landlords Association which was also attended by the Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell. The meeting covered a host of issues related to housing provision as well as welfare reform, the impact of universal credit and the bedroom tax. Ellie was able to challenge and contribute her wealth of knowledge on the impact of these issues on residents of Cornwall. It was agreed that she would supply the Housing Minister with examples of families affected negatively by the welfare reforms.
  • Jennie attended disability awareness training organised through United Response on 29th September which provided very insightful information on Asperger’s and Dyslexia, and good networking opportunities with employers and agencies. This will benefit Jennie’s work in supporting customers with these conditions into the workplace.
  • Jennie was also successful in gaining funding from the Vicars Relief Fund for a housing deposit to support a homeless person into accommodation – which has the knock on effect of helping them back into work etc.
  • Jennie attended the Bude JCP communications meeting to promote the work of Inclusion Cornwall and the Cornwall Works Hub to the advisers, including the winter wellness project.

August 2016

  • Inclusion Cornwall’s manager, Andrea, met with Chris Guest – Southern Director of Jobcentre Plus at Helston Jobcentre. Chris is responsible for 112 Jobcentres across the South of England.  The visit to Helston Jobcentre allowed time for Chris  to speak with Andrea about the successes of the Helston and the Lizard Works project (funded by Jobcentre Plus until July 2016).  Chris watched the video showing how the project is led by Helston Town Council (the first in the country).  Andrea was able to explain they “smashed” the target of 40 into work achieving 104 instead.  Andrea was able to explain the particular needs of the area and how businesses and community groups were actively supporting our unemployed by being involved in their journey towards and into work.  Community projects that help the community and the unemployed were highlighted as well as businesses who are keen to give their time to inspire.
  • Jennie and Ellie visited Newquay Community Orchard to talk about their plans for the future of their employability skills programmes with young people and how we can continue to support the growth of these. . This follows our initial support on where to get funding to deliver these skills projects.  
  • Ellie received great feedback from Cornwall Mobility “Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and being a great support in my mapping of services, I hope CMC can continue to build that relationship with you, and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.” This was further to support and advice from Ellie who met with them to discuss linking their occupational therapy services to back to work programmes. This led to CMC working with Active Plus to deliver at least one of their modules titled “Overcoming Physical Impairment in the Workplace – A Rehabilitative Return to Work Programme”.
  • Cornwall Works Hub Conversations – around 5500 referrals since June 2014.
  • Benefit Cap Conversations – we have started working with Cornwall Council to provide support to those who will be affected by the next benefit cap. It is too early to draw conclusions but, so far, the families we have talked to present with multiple and complex barriers.
  • General Enquiries – since the last Welfare to Work Report in June 2016 we have handled around 350 general enquiries. The majority continue to come from supporting professionals assessing advice and support for their customers.

June/July 2016

  • Bev and Ellie attended the ESB Employment and Skills strategy refresh action planning workshops and following this meeting the final version of the updated strategy has now been launched. Claire Harris, Employment and Skills manager for the LEP said: “I would like to thank you all for your contribution and engagement with this strategy refresh and your expertise has been invaluable in shaping this strategy to 2030.
  • Ellie and Jennie have updated the resource sheets and were pleased to add lots of new things. They also created a new resource sheet listing the Clothes Banks, Wood Banks and Foodbanks. That makes a total of 18 thematic resource sheets underpinned by a resource sharing network actively used by over 250 frontline workers.
  • Andrea and Ellie have met with the TFF (Together for Families) commissioning team to discuss how Inclusion Cornwall and its Cornwall Works Hub can support the new TFF delivery framework. They advised how the expertise of Inclusion Cornwall and the Hub can ensure these families and the professionals that support them have access to up to date information and advice.
  • Jennie is developing links with the Occupational Therapy Department at Royal Cornwall Hospital. This is after receiving a referral from an occupational therapist at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and attending an appointment with the OT and lady concerned to give careers advice on a change of career taking into account the lady’s health issues. This should help to pave the way for further partnership working with RCHT OT Department.
  • Andrea attended an important summit meeting with key organisations from around Cornwall to discuss the Brexit 2 - Kate Bishop Tim and Cllr John Pollardfuture for Cornwall post the EU Referendum. She commented “I was very pleased to be a part of this important discussion on Cornwall’s future and to ensure that inclusion priorities remain at the top of the agenda. It was an opportunity to bring together the various sectors and both sides of the ‘Brexit’ debate to work together to forge a successful outcome for Cornwall in the coming years.”
  • Andrea and her team celebrated the 2 year birthday of their Helston and Lizard Works Project supporting the FullSizeRendercommunity back into work. This came only a day after the project was held up in parliament, by Derek Thomas MP, as a leading example of an innovative organisation that provided meaningful, measurable and positive outcomes for its community.
  • This month the team are also running workshops and an online survey to gather the views of all interested organisations and individuals that would like to have a say on what the priorities should be for inclusion resource in Cornwall.

May 2016

  • Influencing on disability at a national level:  Following Andrea Gilbert’s attendance at a national workshop to discuss the work/health gap, Inclusion Cornwall’s expertise is in the frame again at another national event. This event discussed the forthcoming Government white paper on disability and its potential implications for those with a long term condition trying to move into the labour market.Cornwall Works Hub Manager, Ellie Moseley, attended the event to discuss various challenges, in particular supporting those with multiple and complex needs towards employment and independence, as well as the opportunities arising from devolution.
  • Ellie’s expertise was welcomed at the event which was held in London and titled Halving the Gap: Making the Work and Health Programme work for disabled people. The key note presentation was by Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Shadow LD Spokesperson for Health and Chair, West Midlands Mental Health Commission.Ellie was able to contribute learnings from the nationally acclaimed Inclusion Cornwall and its economic arm Cornwall Works. Additionally Ellie is an expert in her own right with her paper Cornwall Works with Disabled People – Confident Recruitment for the Disabled published recently. She was also instrumental in securing Inclusion Cornwall’s highly commended status in the national RIDI (Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative) awards in 2015.If you would like to discuss this with Ellie please call 01872 326440.
  • Inclusion Cornwall at the forefront of national decision making: Cornwall’s nationally recognised Inclusion Manager, Andrea Gilbert, was called upon to attend a meeting this week with the Local Government Association and the Department for Work and Pensions in London to discuss the way forward with changes to the work programme and work choice schemes. Andrea’s expertise and experience in inclusion matters is respected nationwide and will help to form decisions on national programmes, with the aim of ensuring the best possible outcomes for customers.
  • Sharing our success nationwide: Visit from Warwickshire County Council looking at how the Hub could be replicated to glue organisations together in Warwickshire.  As always IC brought partners to the table to show Warwickshire how we work together, Katie from Phoenix, Sam from Trelya, Martin from  Jobcentre Plus,  Gail from Cornwall Council (Together for Families) and Anthony from Public Health
  • Inclusion Cornwall agreed to work with the Royal Cornwall Museum to develop an exhibition by our Migrant Workers to Cornwall showing their views on Cornish Culture
  • Ellie attended two excellent multi-agency meetings one lead by Jobcentre Plus focused on vulnerable customers and the second the re-invigorated Kerrier and Carrick Inter-agency Group.  Ellie networked across all partners attending
  • Ellie also attended a meeting with the Cornwall Community Foundation who distribute grants for the Vicar’s Relief Fund. The purpose was for St Martin’s Charity to learn more about our work
  • Bev working with the Winter Wellness Partnership met with Blue Flame the energy company to discuss future working for health and heating
  • Helston and the Lizard Works helped the Jobcentre get ready for the community event of the year Flora Day by decorating the windows and encouraging customers into the Jobcentre
  • And most importantly during all of the above we continued to call our customers for the Hub Conversations making sure everyone can access the opportunities that are open to them in Cornwall

Andrea Gilbert – Inclusion Manager joins Cornwall’s Homelessness Delivery Group – Working to wipe out homelessness

The Steering Group of Inclusion Cornwall agrees to join Cornwall’s Compassionate Charter on the 7th March 2016

Preventing fuel poverty in Cornwall – Inclusion Cornwall partner speaks at national conference.  Anthony Ball from Public Health Cornwall Council tells a national conference today how a partnership in Cornwall has helped the lives of 10,000 people in the county, preventing fuel poverty and ensuring people stay in work.

Multi-agency training trains over 50 partners – find out what happened here

Inclusion Cornwall awarded at the Recruitment Industry Disability Award 2015 More Information Here