Bringing People Together 2017

The Inclusion Cornwall Hub regularly offers Multi-agency Training, this year the training has been  called “Bringing Cornwall Together”.  Approximately 10 speakers provide up to date information and over 100 frontline staff attend.

Find out what the Inclusion Hub presented.

Presentation by the Inclusion Cornwall Team –Bringing Cornwall Together

Presentation by Acts435 –Acts 435 presentation

Presentation by Serco – SERCO

Presentation – Introduction to Fredericks Foundation

Comments from participants:-

“I thought I knew a reasonable amount but couldn’t believe how much is out there, are you planning on any more events? Think it would be so useful for our carer support workers?  Marita CRCC

“The training an excellent event and provided an opportunity to find out where we can direct tenants (and others we meet) with problems.”  Sarah Landlords Service Cornwall Housing

Andrea Gilbert, Inclusion Cornwall Manager, comments:

It’s crucial that organisations throughout Cornwall have the opportunity to get together and catch up on the latest news and developments as well as learn about other services and initiatives that may be of benefit to them and their customers. Our Inclusion Cornwall Hub enables this centralising of support information and subsequently there is always huge demand for these workshops.”

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Active8 is a small Cornish charity which aims to empower and motivate young people with physical disabilities to become autonomous. Active8 develops their skills, confidence, support structures and aspirations. Active8 supports young people to challenge the status quo and to be a catalyst for improvement in their own and communities’ quality of life.
Active8 was founded in 1990 by Liz Olive, when a young man with Muscular Dystrophy wanted to get together with other young people going through similar experiences. Under Liz’s direction the charity grew into the organisation it is today.

Our Vision
Our vision is for a world where all young people are accepted for the person they are and the person they want to be so they can fully embrace life’s opportunities.

Our Mission
Our mission is to support young people with physical disabilities in Cornwall to become autonomous individuals and to have their voices heard.

Our Values
The values which underpin our work and how we relate to our stakeholders are:
FUN – a key ingredient to our young people’s activities.
CAN-DO – we focus on the positive and what IS possible.
UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHALLENGING – in our expectations of what young people with physical disabilities can achieve.
EMPOWERING – enabling young people to make decisions for themselves and to achieve new goals.
ACCEPTING – of each individual we work with and relate to.
CO-PRODUCTION – Young people are at the heart of the organisation and are part of all levels of the organisation, driving how it is shaped.
USING LOCAL, ETHICAL SUPPLIERS – we will always aim to source goods and services from local businesses and from those with an ethical stance.
COMMITTED TO THE LONG TERM – we engage with young people for many years, supporting them to develop in skills and confidence.
ACCOUNTABLE – we will use our resources wisely and account to the young people, Trustees and donors for how we have used our resources.



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