Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers have a right to live and work in Cornwall. They have helped the economy since Europe opened its borders in 2006.

Cornwall Migrant Workers Group

The Migrant Workers Group was set up in 2005 and combats the inequalities that some migrant workers might face, and the Migrant Impact Fund has helped us to keep migrant workers out of crisis and make them feel part of the Cornish community.

The Cornwall Migrant Workers Group meets regularly throughout the year. These meetings are open to everyone who wishes to attend.

Migrant Worker’s Information Booklet

Inclusion Cornwall has, since 2009, produced the Award Winning Booklet “Welcome to Cornwall – Information for Migrant Workers”.  The booklet not only provides invaluable information about settling into Cornwall but has saved lives.

Migrant Workers can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations such as homeless or penniless.  The Welcome to Cornwall booklet provides information from the English political system, the emergency services, to health, to culture and leisure.  And even provides information on banking and explains what a Cornish Cream Tea is!  We know the booklet has saved lives as Migrant Workers have been given information that saved them from gangmasters or that has shown them the way to emergency support.

Inclusion Cornwall was delighted to support the Syrian Refugees moving to Cornwall and updated the Welcome to Cornwall Booklet to meet their particular needs.  And at the same time produced the new Booklet for all of our Migrant Workers and Travellers to Cornwall.

With improved technology the booklet can be translated by the workers themselves via Google Translate.

To view the booklet see below.

Welcome to Cornwall – Information for Migrant Workers – booklet


Safety Net Document

The South West TUC launched a guide to dispel some myths about migration in the south west in December 2013 and this is available here

The TUC launched (January 2015) online guides to help combat the exploitation of migrant workers, so that everyone is treated fairly. The guide Working in the UK is available in 13 languages, including Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian. This online guide was produced with financial support from the European Commission as part of the project Developing information for migrant workers through transnational cooperation with trade union partners LIGA in Hungary and Cartel-ALFA in Romania

Cornwall Adult Education English/ESOL courses

 Roskear Centre, Camborne:

 Mondays 12.00 – 14.30    Elementary

                 18.00 – 20.30   All levels

 St John’s Hall, Penzance

 Wednesdays   13.00 – 15.30  Elementary

                         18.30 –  21.00 High level

Thursdays         18.30 – 21.00 All levels except high.

‘Community group’ on Tuesday evenings in Breany Chapel, Breage.  It’s 19.30 – 21.30 and it’s free and informal.   Please email agilbert@cornwall.gov.uk before attending.  Any levels are welcome.  It’s also about helping people to settle in and feel part of the local community.  [It’s in the chapel but not religious.]

Cafe Polyglot evenings.  The group in Penzance provides a venue for people to meet who either have a common language or are learning a common language. 

Penzance meets on Thursday evenings in the Bath Inn.  


Everyday First Aid – Easy to Learn, Easy to Remember

The Red Cross in Cornwall last year launched a unique First Aid programme designed to work with people whose first language is not English. The course is built around the individual’s needs and is particularly aimed at migrant workers. For more information on this please click here

The Safety Net is a document for frontline staff who may encounter migrant workers. It gives concise and useful information on how to best help and support them.

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