Inclusion Cornwall Hub Conversations

The Hub conversation is a concept that was first developed and trialled through Inclusion Cornwall in their Winter Wellness work. People in crisis would apply for emergency funding and while this often alleviated the presenting crisis it did not always aid longer term progression. A new style has been adopted which advocates deploying resources in a way that maximises long term outcomes.

In the first instance this is just a case of sense checking what and why the person /family is presenting in crisis. Sometimes a small amount of funding is all a person needs to overcome a short term crisis and progress themselves. Other times a system of support needs to be put in place and out of these instances the Hub Conversation was borne; a conversation linked to a crisis application that seeks to address the wider needs of the individual of family with the aim of moving them to self-sustaining financial stability.

The model was very successful and we have extended this to work in partnership with Cornwall Councils Discretionary Awards team, ensuring every applicant has just such a conversation.