Inclusion Cornwall is delighted to be part of Inclusion Matters (Social Inclusion Service) led by Cornwall Rural Community Charity.  We look forward to linking with Empowering Independence Service.

Inclusion Matters brings together several charitable and public sector organisations who share a vision for Cornwall – that residents over the age of 18 and who have health and well-being needs can easily access the information and advice they need to increase their well-being and increase their connection to their community. Our partnership’s shared values are a people first – strengths-based approach, transparency in decision making, flexibility of provision and that people and communities are key partners in designing their solutions.

Key aims

  • To enhance the quality of life for people with health and well-being needs
  • To enhance resilience of communities
  • For prevention services to deliver meaningful savings for Cornwall Council and the NHS.

Objectives – The key objective of the partnership is to better understand and harmonise the support individuals and communities need by working together with local services and communities to develop a coordinated approach that can transform lives. This includes our cross-sector partnership mandate to be ‘service neutral’ and to work outside organisational boundaries – to better combat organisational siloes.


  • Residents will have increased ability to self – manage their health and well-being
  • Residents will have increased self-esteem and confidence leading to improved well-being
  • Residents will have an increased sense of belonging to their community
  • Communities will have an increased ability to support local people with health and well-being needs
  • People who are in a social prescription role have increased access to best practice, information and training
  • Social Prescribing activity across Cornwall is increasingly linked up making it easier to navigate and understand its impact


Background Information

Social Inclusion and Empowering Independence Services

We are pleased to announce the new Social Inclusion and Empowering Independence services that will start from 1 October 2019, which were designed based on the feedback received through the engagement activities. These services will help people with health and wellbeing needs to:

  • develop a sense of belonging
  • self-manage their health and wellbeing
  • develop skills to help with daily living

Social Inclusion – this service will help people to identify local support networks and activities and to make links in their local community. This will include linking people to volunteers that will offer wellbeing support to people in their own homes and to people leaving hospital. It will also include helping people to identify opportunities to get involved in volunteering and local projects.

Empowering Independence – these services will offer support to people either in their own home, or to people in short term supported accommodation. This will include but is not limited to supporting people with maintaining accommodation, managing domestic tasks, managing finances and budgeting, accessing employment, education and training, and attending health appointments.

Over the last two years we have talked to lots of people about how we could make the services and support better and have completed the necessary process to be able to put the new contracts in place.

There will be changes to the type of support and services that people will be able to access. There will be some people accessing the current services and some staff members that will need to transition to the new services. There will also be some changes to the properties that will be available for short term supported accommodation.

Please be reassured that we are working with the service providers and other partners to make sure that everyone has access to appropriate support and accommodation to meet their individual needs. Please make sure you speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns who will be able to discuss your personal situation with you and what this may mean for you.

We will soon advise on how to refer to the new services.

Please find information below about which organisations will be delivering the new services.

Service Area Service Provider
Social Inclusion Service


Information, advice and help to make links in the community.

Countywide Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC)
Empowering Independence Service  for people with physical health needs and/or disabilities


Community outreach support (for people in their own homes).

Countywide Home Group
Empowering Independence Services for people with complex and/or mental health needs


Community outreach support (for people in their own homes) and supported accommodation (for people who need short term accommodation as well as support).

Area 1 – West

(Penzance / Hayle)

Home Group
Area 2 – West to Mid (Camborne / Redruth) Coastline Housing
Area 3 – Mid

(Truro / Falmouth)

Area 4 – Mid to East

(St Austell / Newquay)

Area 5 – East and North

(Liskeard / Launceston / Bude / Bodmin )

Home Group


Thank you for your patience during this time. If we all work together, we will be able to improve the pathway of help and support for people in Cornwall.

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