Scilly Works

The Isles of Scilly, nestling 30 miles off Cornwall, can often be forgotten when it comes to considering those in need, those in the cold, those unemployed or those looking for a helping hand. Everybody seems to think it’s all about white sandy beaches and palm trees and boat trips on an azure sea; it often is, but not all the time and not for all the people. Especially those who live there all year round.

Scilly Works seeks to maximise the opportunities for customers to engage in employment and skills programmes whilst also tackling issues of social exclusion. It has been at this since 2011 – a catalytic presence, pulling the talents, knowledge and finances of a wide range of projects and agencies together to maximize their ability to work together to help people.


By early 2016, Scilly Works had already directly affected 70 individuals (and their families of course) on Scilly by providing information on almost anything, unpicking a housing need or discussing concerns around transport. And more recently its championing of the Winter Wellness programme – already established on the mainland – has affected the lives of 28 people through help with winter fuel payments and 16 have been signed up to apply for the Free Central Heating part of that initiative.

Paradise Works – read all about Scilly Works and meet Joel Williams – our man on Scilly!


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