Universal Credit – Open Letter

Inclusion Cornwall and partners have come together over the last few weeks to discuss the roll out of Universal Credit (UC) in Cornwall.

We understand and welcome the objectives of UC bringing together 6 benefits:-

  1. Simplifying the system
  2. Better off in work
  3. Easier to move in and out of work
  4. Advantages of in work payments

However we have concerns around the process and the subsequent delays.  We have put together a number of proposals:-

  1. Develop the idea of a revolving fund (possibly from Crowdfunding) to ensure people are not disadvantaged by a system. Develop a way in which Cornwall can support those most at risk from the roll out of the UC system.
  2. Support partners to understand the link between UC and economic inclusive growth. Our customers want to work and need to part of Cornwall’s sustainable economic future.  No one should be left behind.
  3. Everyone should know about the issues facing our customers.

Please read the complete open letter Here

Email  hello@inclusioncornwall.co.uk  or call 01872 326440 us with your views