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Camelford VSF Planning Day

Village Works is an action research project that seeks to pilot a community development

outcomes led approach to working with the most economically excluded, unemployed and
disengaged residents of working age in rural coastal villages in targeted areas in Cornwall. It
seeks to develop an approach that can be sustainable and replicable in other locations and
which will progress the hardest to engage along a Life Ladder into personal and skills
development moving towards employment, training and job search programmes (see Appendix
One for more about the Life Ladder). It is intended to fill a gap in provision which sits below
Building Better Opportunities (BBO) and provides the very first steps for those who are not even
on the radar of initiatives and who have multiple and complex needs that are barriers to
engagement. It has developed from the work of practitioners partnering this project who work
day to day with this participant group and have identified a need, which existing support systems
do not meet. It targets three rural locations (Community Network Areas) in Cornwall; Bude,
Camelford and Helston and the Lizard (3 areas). Uniquely, partners in this project have direct
access to potential participants for Village Works and can work quickly to make it operational.
The remainder of customers regarding fuel poverty will form the control group receiving just the
Inclusion Cornwall Hub Conversation.

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Sustain Policy Village Works August 2019 

Equality and Diversity and Implementation Plan August 2019

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In 2018, over 500 community led projects were recommended to The Prince’s Countryside Fund as a result of our Recharging Rural research.
That’s why we’ve decided to publish The Village Survival Guide. Based on the lived experience of rural residents from all across the UK, this book will help communities to tackle a multitude of issues and make sure that their community will thrive in the future.