Nat’s Natter

Week Seven

With spring just around the corner this week we decided to go for a walk.  We started off at the Boating Lake in Helston and made are way a short distance into the woods. We welcomed a new customer to are group. Even though it was a bit chilly we all said it was nice to see the sun shining, I think after all the rain it picked people’s mood up. Not long after we had a bit of rain and sleet shower!!

We then stopped off at the Boating Lake Café for a hot drink to warm ourselves up while we talked and plannednext weeks session. Card making and thought as its nearly Easter it would be a good to make some Easter cards.

One of our customers will be leaving for a really good reason a new job and she said she had really enjoyed having a Natter.

Nat tells us what happened this week

Week Six

This week was our chocolate making day with one of own customers Anthony leading how to make chocolate, it was a good turn out with some new faces. So, we started out with Anthony giving a brief introduction on some of the choc moulds and then gave us demonstration of what to do. The smell was fantastic. Then he called Jim up to have a ago, it wasn’t long before we were all making chocolate. Chocolate cats, chocolate hearts, chocolate bars and even chocolate spoons. We used a mixture of dark and milk chocolate with some being creative enough to mix with a lovely marble affect, we had some orange essence choc and added nuts and cherries to the mix to. It was safe to say we had more then enough chocolate with enough left over to send back to the office for Ellie and Grace!!

Once the chocolate was set and hard we then presented them in bags with some ribbon tied in a bow to take home. I think it safe to say we all had a good time and will hopefully do something similar around Christmas. Through chocolate making the group are feeling included and a definite improved feeling of well being.

Week Five

This week was the last week of the blanket making everyone really enjoyed this project and after a few hiccups along the way I’m happy to say we got it all finished. Was lovely to see a new customer today who is going to lead our next session for us with showing us how to make some chocolate. I’m quite excited for this session as who doesn’t love a chocolate or 10 😊.

We finished off a little bit earlier today as a couple had to leave for appointments and the blanket was finished but not before we had some lovely cake and refreshments. Great to see Andrea from Village Works joining in all the fun.

Love this little group we have and would be really nice to welcome some more and everyone is welcome to Nat’s Natter that’s all for today hope you like the pics!!

Week Four

Week 4 After a few weeks off for the customer and 3 weeks for me it was great to come back and see everyone, even better to see what great work had been done.  I had the task of trying to figure out how we were going to get the woven fabric off the cardboard backing so I thought if we tied up the edges and then cut the string at the back so we could carefully take it away from the cardboard and then tie the string at the bottom to keep it all together it worked out really well.

After we had a quick break and were straight back to it, taking the woven patches and sticking them to the blanket. During my 2 weeks away, I looked around on line to find a solution and the new way worked perfectly so in a few weeks we will have a lovely blanket to take to our local Methodist chapel for someone who needs it.

I feel now everyone is getting to know each other well and really enjoying Nat’s Natter and that just what it is some time to take out and have a warm drink chatting and making stuff and enjoying yourself.

Week Three

This week started without a ‘Nat’ but rest assured we did ‘Natter’…

With the biggest group we’ve had so far everyone welcomed each other and we chatted about what’s been happening in everyone’s week so far.

Then there was the task in hand, the hand made blanket using ripped fabric, cardboard and string. We had ripped the fabric the week before, today we cut the card (blunting scissors and knives along the way), wrapped the string around the card and started the real fun part of weaving the fabric through the string. Everyone got stuck in and discussed different ideas along the way.

One of our members had to leave early but that’s fine, it’s a drop in and natter kinda group, no pressure at all.

The tea, coffee and biscuits were flowing and everyone chatted whilst in construction.

We have a break for 3 weeks and back to Nats Natter on 20th February, hope to see some new members there.

This group is for anyone no matter how you feel you will always be welcome at Nat’s Natter.

Nat and Henri

Week Two

Week 2 started off with one less customer, but that was fine, so this week there was 6 of us with Henri and my self included. We started off with the usual tea’s and coffee’s, having a chat seeing how everybody was while waiting for our expert in rug making to turn up to show us what to do.   It was lovely to see how relaxed everyone was knowing how bad some anxiety can be. Everybody brought some old clothes for us to cut up and use for our weaving. When our expert arrived we found out we needed cardboard not card but that didn’t put a spanner in the works because we all agreed that we would get the old material ready for the next session then we can get on and do the weaving. It wasn’t long before we had a huge pile cut into strips the two hours flew by with us all having a laugh and chat.

Even though we are not a huge group, I can already see friendships forming and love that everyone’s working as a team to make something for a good cause.  It will be great to get some more customers coming to Nat’s Natter to join in the fun.

After each session I ask for people to write down what they thought about it, so I thought I would share todays comments because I thought they were lovely and meant a lot to us.

“I found today session rewarding knowing my work will be going to good causes. I also found it mentally relaxing, my stress levels remained low”

“I was feeling really cynical about coming along today…. what’s the use it’s a waste of time! And I’ve had a brilliant time this morning. I felt part of something more then just myself. Thank you so much Natalie & Henri God bless you both xxx”

“Good to get out even though I was late it was nice to see everyone”

Week One

“This was the first week, 11 customers were invited and 5 attended. I was happy with that due to the bad weather I was worried less would come.  We started off by offering teas and coffees and when we were ready to start.  I asked everybody to tell the group their name a little bit about themselves and what super hero they would be as an ice breaker for a bit of fun.

Henri and I introduced ourselves and then I went into explaining what Nat’s Natter is about, letting the group know that this will be a group for them and that it can be for coming into have a coffee and chat to coming and getting advice. I talked about a code word the group could use if there having a bad day and don’t feel up speaking they can say ‘Time Out’ and Henri or myself can take them to one side have a chat.  I told them I had some ideas of my own about having craft sessions, when the weather gets nicer having a session out walking or if there is something they want to do seeing if we can get the right people in to run the session or to come into talk about any one’s interests and everybody seemed happy with that.

I handed out some paper and asked the group to write down some ideas on what they would like to do so I would have an idea. One idea was basket weaving which led on to an idea to weaving fabric our customer said she had done it before and it was easy and cheap to do so for next weeks session we have decided to have ago at this and hopefully make a blanket.  We want to take it down to the Methodist Church to give to someone who needs it. We spoke about what we would need and that we can bring in old fabric.  And I will go to the charity shops to see if they have anything we could use.

We then had a break and some teas and coffees before we had our pasty’s. After we finished another customer arrived, we had a quick recap of what we spoke about, the group had a chat getting to know each other I asked them to write down what they thought of the first session before finishing and had some good comments back. I felt this first session went really well everyone got on great even though not everyone showed up I have hope for next week when I message them and tell them what we will be doing. I think its great that they have all come up with an idea for the next session.”

Nat (Helston and The Lizard Village Works Spotter)