Village Works is a clever new initiative designed to work at a local level to get the most economically excluded and unemployed better skilled, more confident and with more self-esteem and so  make the most of what they have to get into or back into work.

It is funded by the European Social fund (ESF) through the Department for Work and Pensions and will be run largely by Inclusion Cornwall and the disAbility Cornwall.

It’s a new coming together of expertise but is not taking a punt into uncharted waters because much of the thinking behind it and evidence for it has already been trialled in rural and coastal communities around the county. It has been proven to work, to work sustainability and to work anywhere where such problems and barriers exist.

At its heart is a desire to get stuck in locally, to meet up and engage with the people, to understand their often complex and individual issues and then work to sort their specific barriers by teaming them with the right local help so they can live and work independently and well.

Three key players in all this will be…

The Village Spotter – on the look out for participants and skills

The Village Coach – supporting you for as long as you needed and

The Online Support Worker – support for all levels and in lots of different ways.

And there is much, much more to it than that; to find out more give the Inclusion Cornwall hub a call on 01872 326440.

If you would like us to contact you contact us or us the form and let us have it  VW- Lead Form

We recently met and chatted with a family in Bude and they kindly said after meeting us:-

“This already feels such a relief”

and that sums up what we hope to achieve

Village Works – Thriving Together

You could:-

  • Volunteer for something you’ve always wanted to try
  • Gain skills so nothing holds you back
  • Increase your experience and confidence

We’re waiting for you …

You’ll find us at the Inclusion Cornwall Hub on 01872 326440

We cover Bude and Camelford Areas, Helston and the Lizard Peninsula, including the wider areas of Goldsithney, Leedstown, Carnkie, Gweek and The Helford River. The project is driven by Inclusion Cornwall which includes Jobcentre Plus, Local Councils, disAbility Cornwall, Kernow Credit Unions, (Covering Cornwall Councils Community Network Areas for Helston and the Lizard and Bude and Camelford). Lizard Pathway and many more.

Together we can help you and the community to thrive

What’s it all about?

It’s about you and finding the opportunity to inspire. Work with us to make a difference to you through  Volunteering, work experience or a community project. We will work with you to find the right opportunity.

Our team are trained to find the best ways to help you. They understand that many struggle with childcare, transport and other issues but these can be overcome.

Village Works – Thriving Together with Business

Could you offer your support by:-

Promoting the project across your partners and customers

Offer a workless person an opportunity in your organisation through:-

  • Volunteering
  • Work experience
  • Gaining skills
  • Gaining confidence

In return:-

This will help your community engagement.

Working together to make people and communities thrive.


Village Works is part funded through the European Social Fund