Village Works and Government Communications Head Quarters

GCHQ – Bude on a misty day

Recently Andrea from Village Works met with staff working at GCHQ Bude, part of the UK’s intelligence, cyber and security agency. Village Works supports and works with individuals, communities, businesses and all organisations and so to make this link was exciting.  We aim to develop a clear understanding of how we can work together by both being inspired to work at GCHQ but also for GCHQ staff to work and volunteer with Village Works.

In their own words GCHQ told us this:-

GCHQ BUDE – an inclusive and diverse approach in the workplace

If you’ve ever travelled along the upper North Cornish Coast you can’t fail to have spotted the ‘dishes’ that sit proudly on the cliff top.   These are GCHQ dishes and the site in Bude is critical to our agency’s success.

GCHQ has a 40+-year history in the South West and we are continually evolving to ensure we work with and for the community around us.  As part of GCHQ we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse working environment which nurtures and supports our staff.

What draws people in is the commitment to a world leading intelligence, security and cyber agency with a mission to help keep the UK safe.  We use technology and ingenuity to identify, analyse and disrupt threats in an increasingly digital world.

“GCHQ does not look for a specific ‘type’ of person. The organisation really does value having a diverse mix of people in its workforce, and will consider anyone that has enthusiasm and aptitude”

“the mixture of understanding human behaviours paired with technical skills ensures success in making GCHQ Bude the welcoming place it has been”

At Bude we have a real mix of people, talent and jobs which play a significant part in allowing GCHQ to meet the challenges of our complex world.  In order to do this we need people from all walks of life.  People with formal qualifications, people with aptitude to learn and people with experience of working elsewhere.  People who can lead and make decisions.  People who can work in teams and support and celebrate the success of others. People who can be role models and mentors.

“It’s clear to see staff members are valued and Bude has allowed us to thrive from the moment we walked in”

Being part of the GCHQ family runs much deeper than our operational work.  As part of our Outreach programme we develop and nurture strong relationships with local schools and colleges, encouraging our staff to get involved and volunteer more widely.  GCHQ’s responsibility to the communities it inhabits is strong and it aims to put social value at the heart of our culture to make a lasting difference.

“Everyone is so approachable and you really feel like there’s a sense of community and the staff are just trying to get the best out of everybody”

If you can access it, there’s more information about GCHQ and Bude on our website:  There’s so much more to working at GCHQ than just the day job.